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Pre-deal assessments

Before acquiring a business, you put a lot of effort into conducting due diligence (DD) to understand the target better. We find that there is often a disconnect between DD and actually starting to build the business once you have acquired it. Our pre-deal assessments aim to close that gap by creating a clear view of the key value-creation workstreams. A lot of focus is placed on structuring each workstream, and understanding what exactly is required to build out each of them: what phases are needed, how to best execute them, who should be in the lead, how to prioritize, and what investments would be required to unlock the value.

  • Value creation plan
  • Full potential plan
  • Growth strategy design

Value creation & growth

Our management consultants have extensive hands-on experience in not only structuring and ideating great plans, but especially in running, implementing and optimizing transformative ways of improving your business. It all comes down to understanding your position in the marketplace, what customers truly value, and then how to set your business up to serve these customers in the best way to optimize top- and bottom-line. Exemplary growth topics include:

  • Pricing
    (incl. value-based pricing, targeted & segmented price increases, price level setting)
  • Product & market strategy
    (incl. product & service design, packaging & bundling, market entry and GTM strategy & execution)
  • Sales & marketing effectiveness
    (incl. sales operations acceleration, marketing & demand generation)
  • Digital transformation & delivery model
    (incl. e.g. operating model redesign around proposition, organization & processes, tools)
  • Value creation monitoring
    (oversee and track how you add value, and how the business matures)

Exit planning

At some point you will seek further investment or sell the business to new investors. In this process, it is pivotal to clearly articulate how you have added value over your holding period. Not only are we specialists in running value creation workstreams, but also in creating the holistic view how these add up to holistic business building story.

  • Value creation story
  • Investment memorandum 
  • Vendor due diligence